Hello,  I’m Tabitha —the founder, content creator, and #BOSSMOM behind the blog. I’m a former Midwesterner (born and raised), living in Texas with my Minnesota Vikings obsessed and golf-loving husband, our four kids (Chloe, Travis, Harrison, and Mara), my mom, and our dog Stoney.

As a busy wife and mom, who runs several businesses — my days are always chaotic, and usually spent juggling diaper changes, conference calls, naps (where I’m rocking a baby with one hand, and balancing my MacBook Pro in the other), and a million other things. As you can imagine, having a big, blended family keeps life messy and entertaining, but there’s never a dull moment!

I began blogging in late 2004, with my first site GlamMommy.com, initially documenting my first pregnancy, and growing into a large digital community for moms. In 2009, I sold GlamMommy.com to focus on my growing Digital Marketing agency. In 2010, I started another personal blog, AvantGardeGirl.com, which blossomed into a popular digital magazine and Facebook community of more than 30,000 modern moms. In 2013, I sold the AvantGardeGirl.com web property, and again focused on developing and managing the digital identities of some of the best brands in the world!




In 2014, I started toying around with the idea for this blog as a space for me to write about my life — but I wasn’t fully committed to it until I left corporate America, in July 2016. I deleted all my previous posts and started fresh with only one rule: to create honest content that is relatable and relevant to women. 




In October 2018, Kiss My Glitter was re-branded and became Full Hawks, a space hyper-focused on motherhood, family, food, and the goal for all women to live their best life.