Mommy Must Haves: I Can't Live Without My Dock-A-Tot 1

Mommy Must Haves: I Can’t Live Without My Dock-A-Tot

I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline, as I’m prone to do most days, as a work-from-home mom of three (12, 9, and 5 months) and I saw an article on Fit Pregnancy, about Dock-A-Tot.

For those of you that don’t know, Dock-A-Tot is sort of a nest for babies. They can be used for napping babies or as a place to dock your baby, when you don’t have extra hands and really need to pee. We use ours for almost everything! Anyway, after seeing the article I was reminded how much of a blessing it is to have one.

The generous folks over at Dock-A-Tot, sent me one to try out, and I received it the day before I delivered Harrison…or Nugget, as we call him. The next morning at 5am, my water broke and we rushed to the hospital to begin the waiting game. 17 hours and one minute later, Nugget came into the world and our adventure with him began. Two days later, we bought him home. For the next month he slept exclusively in the Dock-A-Tot (in his crib or in our bed).

On January 8th, I received devastating news that sent my life into a tailspin that I’m  recovering from. Maybe, someday I’ll tell the stories, but for now I’ll just say that there were many sleepless nights and exhausting days. There were times, when nobody in the house was sleeping very much (except Nugget of course). We had in-laws and friends in town and there was an issue with a foundation leak that caused mold and puddles in our house, which ultimately forced us to move rather quickly.

Through all that mess, our Dock-A-Tot was a constant blessing. It allowed my mom, who lives with us, to keep Nugget overnight in her bed so we could get some rest. It was a safe place to keep him, when we needed to step out of the room and leave him in his crib. For the last three weeks before our move, he couldn’t come in the Master bedroom at all. The stench of mold and mildew we horrible. For months, it was the only place he’d sleep through the night. Even now, at five months he’s quickly out-growing it – but it’s the only place he’ll nap when I’m not holding him.

We love our Dock-A-Tot. It seems like a small thing, but when life is constantly throwing you curveballs, sometimes all you need is some consistency. As silly as it sounds, at times the only thing I could rely on was that is I rocked Nugget to sleep, he’d stay that way for a few hours – if I put him in his Dock-A-Tot. In fact, it’s probably time to graduate to the larger size.



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