Mommy Must Haves: Prepping for Baby H! 1

Mommy Must Haves: Prepping for Baby H!

I’m midway through my 35th week, and I woke up with a surge of energy this morning! I’ve been exhausted and in pain for the last two months, and baby’s coming soon, so we’ve been working hard to get prepped.


I started having irregular contractions last weekend and I went to the doctor Monday – it turns out that I’ve already started dilating. Two centimeters. Only eight more to go. Since Monday, I have been having stronger, more frequent contractions and my doctor says she believes I’ll be having this baby within two weeks. I’ve only gained 11 pounds ( I has gained 12lbs, but I lost one over the holiday) despite my eating everything in sight, and my doctor said I’m the only patient she’s ever know to lose weight over Thanksgiving. The good news, is that baby’s healthy and gaining weight!

I’ve been on a buying spree this week, getting all the last minute stuff I need. My in-laws bought almost EVERYTHING for us when the visited in October (I’m talking stroller, car seat, crib, clothes, etc). We literally didn’t need much of anything, except a few odds and ends, so I went to and Target to everything! Obviously, things have changed a lot since the last time I have a kid (8 years ago), so I had to do some research to navigate through the latest baby products. Again, my in-laws did all the heavy lifting, and my mom bought lots of stuff, so all that was left on my list was bottles and breastfeeding supplies, a baby carrier, nursing bras, pampers and wipes.

Here are some of the things I’ve bought so far, and some of the things still on the list:

1.Comotomo Natural Feel Bundle – 4 Items: 8 Ounce Baby Bottles Green & 5 Ounce …Mommy Must Haves: Prepping for Baby H! 2 $46 (Amazon, Original Price: $60)
Mommy Must Haves: Prepping for Baby H! 3Mommy Must Haves: Prepping for Baby H! 2

I had the hardest time deciding on bottles. When Chloe was a baby, I used Avent and for Trav, I use Dr. Brown’s. Both are still rated well, but I was looking for a brand that would be closer to breastfeeding. I breastfed both of them exclusively at the beginning, I started alternating pumped breast milk and formula, so bottles weren’t as big a deal.

This time I plan to breastfeed and pump exclusively, but I also want J and the kids to be able to take part in feeding Baby H, so I scoured the earth (AKA the internets) to find bottles that simulate the breastfeeding experience.

I found these Comotomo bottles and I love the nipple shape and width, plus the squishy silicone base. I cant wait to try these when Baby H comes. They’re a bit pricey but I hope he likes them, because I bought three sets. If not, I bought Dr. Brown’s Options Bottle Newborn Feeding SetMommy Must Haves: Prepping for Baby H! 5 as a backup.


2. Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Gift SetMommy Must Haves: Prepping for Baby H! 6 $75 (Amazon, Original Price: $100)
Mommy Must Haves: Prepping for Baby H! 7Mommy Must Haves: Prepping for Baby H! 6

I had an equally tough time choosing a storage system for breastmilk, because I needed one that’s compatible with the Bellema pump, I’m using.

I read a lot of reviews online and ultimately chose the Kiinde system because it’s supposed to be universally compatible, and I really like the emphasis of preserving the integrity of the breastmilk, when reading about the storage bags and warmer. I was less concerned with the bottle compatibility because I bought the Comotomo ones, I mentioned above – but I do plan on using their Foodii system to store homemade baby food when the baby is old enough to eat it.


3. Boba Wrap $49 (Target)
Mommy Must Haves: Prepping for Baby H! 9

Back in the day, when Chloe was a baby, I bought a Baby Bjorn carrier. I used it once and found out it was recalled for safety issues. After that, I never bough another carrier, but I saw this one and thought I might give baby-wearing a shot. I can’t wait to try this out with Baby H!


What are some of your favorite baby products? Share your comments, tips or advice? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and follow me on Facebook and Instagram!


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