Mara’s Birth Story: Part One 1

Mara’s Birth Story: Part One

On June 24th, Jordan and I rushed to the emergency room at Baylor Mckinney, because the baby hadn’t moved much in overnight, which was unusual. When we got there, we were seen by one of their doctors, who reminded me of the ‘Clear Eyes, Dry Eyes’ guy.

I explained to him that I was concerned that my baby hadn’t moved in hours, despite me doing everything I could to prompt her to. I’d drank water and orange juice, and ate some crackers to try to get her to move. I had also tried laying on my left side for 30 minutes, then switching to the other side — I even tried manually stimulating her, by massaging my belly. Nothing worked. I should also emphasize that I had gone in three times prior, starting at 35 weeks and 6 days, with signs of pre-term labor, and on one occasion they’d given my medication — without telling me what it was — to delay it. I’d been having regular, strong contractions, and I had progressed from 2-4 inches dilated. They kept telling me, that because I wasn’t 39 weeks, they wouldn’t help me.

I explained time and time again that in my three previous pregnancies, I hadn’t ever made it past 37 weeks, and my OBGYN didn’t think I would this time either. The hospital staff insisted that they would do everything in their power to see that I made it to 39 weeks, because it was dangerous to go before then. When he contacted my OBGYN’s office, they told her that I was having false labor signs and they recommended that she follow-up at my next appointment, which happened to be the next day — he never mentioned decreased fetal movement. After telling me I was fine, they sent me home. For the rest of that day,  I monitored her movement myself. She kicked and moved around a few times, but I was still really worried. I didn’t sleep well that night, but I took some comfort in the fact that I would be seeing my midwife the next morning.  

Baby, Maybe?!

The next morning at came and we headed out to our appointment around 8:50am. I was a nervous wreck the whole time. We got to the office and my midwife came in and went through the checklist, but she didn’t mention my visit to the ER, so when she asked if I had any concerns, I told her the story. She called a nurse in right away to start me on monitors for a stress test. After about 10 minutes she looked at the printout and told me she wasn’t happy with what she saw. My heart sank. I knew the baby was alive, because I’d felt two kicks that morning, but I also knew something was wrong. She ran the stress test for 10-15 more minutes, staying in the room and watching the results print out. She told my husband and I to go to the hospital right away, and she would meet us there to induce me. It turned out the baby was extremely stressed and she suspected the placenta wasn’t doing its job any more. I was anxious, but relieved. We were going to have a baby.  

It’s Baby Time!

At this point, it was about 10:30am and we rushed to the hospital. About 10 minutes later, we arrived and got settled into a laboring room. A nurse came in and had us sign paperwork authorizing them to give me pitocin and an epidural. Once the formalities were out-of-the-way, she started me on antibiotics for Group B Strep (GBS). My midwife came in and discussed the plan going forward. At around 1:30pm, she started me on a low dose of Pitocin, and had nurses increase it little by little every hour until 4:30pm. At about 5:30, after wrapping her shift at the office, she came to break my water. A short while later, my contractions starting becoming more intense, and I requested the epidural.


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