Boy or Girl? We Can't Take It Anymore! 1

Boy or Girl? We Can’t Take It Anymore!

After weeks of being sick, I’m finally starting to see the light. The morning sickness seems to have subsided and we can’t wait to meet our baby!


My older children are so excited about having a new sibling and we’re knee deep in planning for his or her arrival. My mom had spinal surgery a couple of weeks ago, so she’s probably going to be with us for while. J is super excited about having my mom around – especially to help out with the baby. We’re definitely going to need a bigger house, so we’ve starting searching for homes in our community  to keep the kids in the same schools. The plan is to have the baby, then move while J and I are on parental leave.


J is still convinced that we’re having a girl, but I believe it’s a boy. We’ve picked out two names that we’re in love with (one each for a boy and girl). We opted to do the genetic panel testing because we’re anxious to find out the gender and the uncertainty it driving us nuts!


We’ve got a lots of exciting developments in the works and things are about to change tremendously. I’m so excited about this new phase and I can’t for it to all unfold! Hopefully, I’ll have some news to share in my next post but for now – leave your comments below and don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Instagram.



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#WTOR – The Neighbourhood “#000000 & #FFFFFF”

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