My Pregnancy Hormones Are Making Me Batsh*t Crazy 1

My Pregnancy Hormones Are Making Me Batsh*t Crazy

I’d like to say that I’ve been emotionally balanced throughout my pregnancy, but my fiancé would have a different story if he was being honest. I was 21 the last time I was pregnant and I’m 30 now, so this time around has been different. My doctor told me that I shouldn’t expect this pregnancy to be as easy as the last, because I’m older and it gets harder with age. I thought to myself, WTF?! I’M ONLY 30! But she was right.

From severe morning sickness and migraines to emotional breakdowns, this pregnancy has not been without it’s challenges. I’ve had lots of sleepless nights and I’ve picked a few pointless with J, and after doing some research I’ve learned that hormonal imbalance isn’t uncommon at all.


Here are some of the issues I’ve encountered:

Body Insecurity

Due to the sever morning sickness and stress at work, I lost 8lbs during the first 15 weeks and by the time I was 20 weeks, I’d only gained 12 – putting me at +4 of the 25lbs I need to gain. With both previous pregnancies, I had a hard time gaining weight (even though I eat everything in sight) and it took the full 38 weeks to gain 25 lbs. At 23 weeks, I’m getting the sense that I’ll have a similar struggles this time. However, that hasn’t stopped me from feeling insecure about my body and worrying that my fiancé won’t find me attractive.

Weird Dreams

I haven’t slept a full night in almost four months. I’ve had a ridiculous amount of weird dreams about J watching Granny Porn and texting snagged-tooth strippers, so I haven’t slept past 2:30am in a while. I’m actually looking forward to sleepless nights with a newborn.

Hormones, Hormones, Hormones

Somewhere between the weird dreams and insecurity, I find myself occasionally having mood swings. I talked to my doctor about all these issues and she assured me that it was normal. She told me to take Benadryl before bed, to help me get a good night’s rest, but I’ve tried to stay away from taking any kind of medication during my pregnancy (I’m saving that for the epidural). Needless to say, it’s been an interesting journey and I’m so grateful for my sweet fiancé, who’s taking all of this like a champ.
At first, I felt like a crazy person all the time. Now, I’m just anxious to make it through these last 15 weeks so that I can finally bring my baby boy home and start a new chapter with my amazing family!


What issues have you struggled with during pregnancy? Do you have any tips or advice to share? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and follow me on Facebook and Instagram!


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