Summer Is Here! 1

Summer Is Here!

Today was the last day of school, so I now officially have 7th and 4th graders. The last month of school was filled to the brim with activities – from a wedding, to choir concerts and school plays, with lots of busy work for me in between.

J and I signed the family up for a membership at the new fitness center/pool in town, so we’re planning on spending most days lounging by the pool, chilling in the lazy river, and hitting some water slides. Mostly, I’m just looking forward to staying in my pajamas past 7am. Nugget still wakes up at 3am and 6am, so I’m not counting on sleeping late, but at least I don’t have to put a bra on to leave the house every morning.

In celebration of my newfound daily freedom, let’s look back at the chaos of the last month.

We’re Married

On May 1st, J and I got married in a small ceremony at the local courthouse, with our kids and parents by our side. We celebrated afterwards, with wings from our favorite place.

If you know anything about me, you know that this is my idea of a perfect wedding. J and I thought long and hard about having a real wedding, but we decided to go with something as low key and chill as our relationship.

Our parents wouldn’t let us get away with just a courthouse wedding, do we’re having a reception with friends and family in Montana this fall!

Summer Is Here! 2Summer Is Here! 3

Shakespeare, Bollywood Style

Chloe secured a spot in the school’s spring play, a feat she was extremely proud of, since 6th graders rarely get parts. Two middle school came together to take on A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Bollywood Style.

The rehearsals were grueling. For the last two months, she’s been making it home around 6:30pm, after two hours of rehearsal. She’s had Saturday rehearsals from 9am to 6pm, and we didn’t get home until 9:30pm or so during the week of performances.

In the midst of all the rehearsals, I volunteered to cook for 60 theater kids (I know – what was I thinking) and 15 gallons of tea spilled in my car, while I was picking it up from a restaurant that donated it to the school. Yeah, that was about as fun as it sounds.

Nonetheless, the play was fantastic and we were so proud to see all her hard work pay off. Especially since she was doing something she loves.

Summer Is Here! 4 Summer Is Here! 5

Choir Competitions

While all the play stuff was going on, Chloe also had two choir competitions (which they won first place in), an audition for next year’s Advanced Choir class, and a huge end of the year performance. Not to mention, she was calling me almost everyday to bring something she forgot.

Random Stuff

Between the madness, there was playdates, baseball games with Trav, and a drama banquet. Plus, I’ve been juggling naptimes and conference calls with Nugget on my lap.


The kids have to do weekly book reports and we’re trying some lessons at IXL. Other than that, if you’re looking for us this summer, you can find us at the pool!


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